Andre Ramone – Songwriter/ Producer


Introducing Andre Ramone, a seasoned musician whose journey through the beats began at a tender age. Inspired by the rhythms of Dr. Dre’s “Dre Day”, Andre embarked on a rap odyssey in his early twenties, collaborating with the OC Uprise collective from Orange County, CA. However, life had its own plans, leading him to enlist in the US Air Force to support his growing family.

Throughout his military tenure, Andre’s passion for music remained steadfast. Amidst the discipline of service, he honed his craft, delving into the world of instrumental and lo-fi hip hop. Now, having completed his military service, Andre stands poised to reignite his musical career.

With a knack for songwriting and producing, Andre is determined to leave an indelible mark on the industry once again. His repertoire boasts sync placements with prominent publishers and melodies that resonate deeply with listeners. Collaborators and artists alike are invited to join him on this musical odyssey, as together, they craft the anthems that define life’s most memorable moments.


“However Long” Written, and Produced, by Andre Ramone

“See You in the Darkness” Written, and Produced, by Andre Ramone

“Sorry I’m Late” Written and Produced by Andre Ramone

“Facsimile” Written, Produced, and Performed by Andre Ramone

Television & Film Placements:

  • Another Period
  • Bizarre Foods America
  • Last OG
  • Play Ball
  • Big Sticks with Ken Griffey Jr
  • G’s to Gents
  • Birthday Boys
  • My Big Redneck Vacation
  • Disaster Date
  • Made
  • Extreme Cribs
  • TI’s Road to Redemption
  • 50 Cent: Money and Power
  • Silicon Valley
  • Waco Valley
  • Law of the Fist


Andre Ramone Cliff

San Antonio, TX