Andre Ramone began songwriting at the age of ten years old in the form of writing praise songs and it wasn’t long before he switched to writing Christian raps. Initially, he would record demos with his karaoke machine over other artists’ instrumentals for his Christian rap group Brothers of Positivity with his cousin Hershel but by the age of twelve, he decided to create his own beats to rock as well. Using the start & stop or “pause-tape” method of sampling from one cassette to another or using the 1¼ second loop feature on his Casio SK-1 Keyboard, Andre would lay down sampled drum tracks to create original compositions over and his passion for beat-making was born.

At the age of 19 years old, Andre met another aspiring producer who went by the name Sainted 1 from Oceanside, CA Hip Hop record label Poorhouse Records who introduced him to making music via the computer which started with Sonic Foundry Acid and grew into FL Studio. With this newfound way to create professional quality music without spending thousands of dollars on studio time or equipment, Andre hit the ground running as a self-produced rapper. Andre pursued the artist path for 6 years, then decided to focus on production and music licensing.

From his skilled production of Hip Hop, Pop, and Electronic music to his ability to lyrically paint murals and accurately assess the world around him through earnest, thought-provoking lyrics as a songwriter; Andre Ramone is a creative with a unique musical perspective. Andre has passionately pursued opportunities to share his music with the world as a published music producer and composer signed to multiple music publishing companies. Through these affiliations, Andre has placed music in television shows such as, “Silicon Valley,” “Bizarre Foods,” and MTV’s “The Money and the Power.” featuring 50 Cent. Andre released his debut Instrumental Hip Hop/ Lofi Hip Hop album called “Moonlighting” in 2017 and followed it up with an EP called, “Where the Day Takes Us” in 2019. Andre’s goal is to achieve success on his own terms while creating diverse styles of art that defy musical laws and cultural boundaries.