Songwriter, Producer, Artist:

Andre Ramone

Andre Ramone’s musical journey began at the tender age of ten, crafting praise songs before transitioning to Christian rap by twelve. With his cousin Hershel, he formed the group Brothers of Positivity, recording demos over karaoke tracks. Andre’s passion for beat-making ignited at twelve, experimenting with sampling techniques and creating original compositions.

At nineteen, Andre met Sainted 1, a fellow aspiring producer, who introduced him to computer-based music production. This marked the beginning of Andre’s self-produced rap career, leveraging software like Sonic Foundry Acid and FL Studio to create professional-grade music affordably.

After six years as an artist, Andre shifted focus to production and music licensing. His versatility spans Hip Hop, Pop, and Electronic music, showcasing both musical prowess and insightful lyricism. Signed to multiple publishing companies, his compositions have graced television shows such as “Silicon Valley” and “MTV’s The Money and the Power.”

Andre’s discography includes the instrumental Hip Hop/Lofi album “Moonlighting” (2017) and the EP “Where the Day Takes Us” (2019). With a commitment to artistic autonomy and boundary-defying creativity, Andre Ramone continues to carve his path in the music industry.