Marketing My Song, Summer Wave

Andre Ramone Summer Wave

Getting People to Hear Summer Wave:

So, it’s not quite the day after my last post –it’s a few days later but I’ve been busy promoting my single, Summer Wave and I’ve learned a thing or two.

One thing I’ve learned is, as I share my track to social media, the song artwork I created is formatted for song-artwork or an album cover but the dimensions don’t work for social media. For example, on SoundCloud I uploaded the artwork with my song and it looks perfectly fine, like this:

Summer Wave SoundCloud

However, when I share the song from SoundCloud to Facebook, the image that is pulled from SoundCloud for the FB post is the wrong size and cuts off the title of the track contained within the image.

Summer Wave Marketing 1

Because of this, I’ve learned it’s important to have one image file to use as the actual artwork –to include in the metadata of the track– and separate files for the various social media outlets to ensure that when the song is shared, the accompanying image is the correct size –clear and readable.

Another approach I have taken for the promotion of my song is to reach out to taste-makers and music re-posters on SoundCloud and Facebook. I have joined several Facebook groups that are based on the types of genres my track falls in. When you do this, you will see posts within those groups, from people who specialize in listening to other people’s tracks, critiquing them and sharing them.

I reached out to several and received a response from one so far which is as follows:

Summer Wave Feedback

That’s not the most stellar review of my music I’ve ever received but my skin is pretty thick and I’ve heard a lot worse. At the end of the day, I just want the SoundCloud repost so I responded –thanking this individual and kept it moving.

Is the track clipping though (too loud)? You bet it is and I already knew that. It still sounds good to me and as a Hip Hop head at my core –I simply want the beat to knock. If XXXTentacion can get away with his mixes, I think I’ll be just fine:)




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