Lofi Hip Hop Beat Tape/ Album: Moonlighting

I Finally Dropped My Lofi Hip Hop Beat Tape/ Album: Moonlighting

This past week, on 6/20/2017 I dropped my debut Lofi Hip Hop Beat Tape/ Album, “Moonlighting”. This project has been a long time coming and I’m excited to share it with the world. The project features 8 original tracks including the single, “Coast With Me” which I mentioned in my previous post.

Lofi Hip Hop Producer Andre Ramone - Lofi Hip Hop Beat Tape - Moonlighting album cover

You can view the full track list here:

Lofi Hip Hop Producer Andre Ramone - Lofi Hip Hop Beat Tape - Moonlighting album track list

What’s the premise of the project?

The premise of this beat tape/ album is –as a full-time employee, military reservist, and husband/ father– I have very little time to pursue music and if I want to continue to do just that, I have to sacrifice sleep to make it a reality. While my family sleeps I create. In other words, I am ‘moonlighting’ as a Lofi Hip Hop music producer.

Here is another single, I released from the Lofi Hip Hop beat tape, “Moonlighting”

To hear the full beat tape, you can stream it from my website here:

Moonlighting: Lofi Hip Hop Beat Tape

Unlimited streaming has been enabled on the above link but if you would like to support further, there is an option to purchase the project for a minimum of $7 (or more) and this is the most direct way to support future projects.

Where else is “Moonlighting” available?

Here is a list of places you can purchase or stream the Moonlighting beat tape/ album online:

I expect the project to be featured other places and I will make those available as those opportunities present themselves.

Thanks to my family and friends for the support and positive feedback I have received as I strive to add quality content to the Hip Hop and Lofi Hip Hop cultures.


Andre Ramone

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