Andre Ramone

Andre Ramone is a Lofi Hip Hip producer as well as a producer of Hip Hip, EDM and Pop music.
Andre Ramone is a Lofi Hip Hip producer as well as a producer of Hip Hip, EDM and Pop music.

Lofi Hip Hop Beat Tape/ Album: Moonlighting

I Finally Dropped My Lofi Hip Hop Beat Tape/ Album: Moonlighting

This past week, on 6/20/2017 I dropped my debut Lofi Hip Hop Beat Tape/ Album, “Moonlighting”. This project has been a long time coming and I’m excited to share it with the world. The project features 8 original tracks including the single, “Coast With Me” which I mentioned in my previous post.

Lofi Hip Hop Producer Andre Ramone - Lofi Hip Hop Beat Tape - Moonlighting album cover

You can view the full track list here:

Lofi Hip Hop Producer Andre Ramone - Lofi Hip Hop Beat Tape - Moonlighting album track list

What’s the premise of the project?

The premise of this beat tape/ album is –as a full-time employee, military reservist, and husband/ father– I have very little time to pursue music and if I want to continue to do just that, I have to sacrifice sleep to make it a reality. While my family sleeps I create. In other words, I am ‘moonlighting’ as a Lofi Hip Hop music producer.

Here is another single, I released from the Lofi Hip Hop beat tape, “Moonlighting”

To hear the full beat tape, you can stream it from my website here:

Moonlighting: Lofi Hip Hop Beat Tape

Unlimited streaming has been enabled on the above link but if you would like to support further, there is an option to purchase the project for a minimum of $7 (or more) and this is the most direct way to support future projects.

Where else is “Moonlighting” available?

Here is a list of places you can purchase or stream the Moonlighting beat tape/ album online:

I expect the project to be featured other places and I will make those available as those opportunities present themselves.

Thanks to my family and friends for the support and positive feedback I have received as I strive to add quality content to the Hip Hop and Lofi Hip Hop cultures.


Andre Ramone

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LoFi Hip Hop Producer Andre Ramone

So I guess I’m a Lofi Hip Hop Producer…

I’m not sure exactly sure where to start so, here goes…

A lot has changed since my previous post about marketing my first official EDM single release, “Summer Wave”. I fully intended to ride that track for months to provide a case study on the release and marketing of an independent single but then music happened.

I’ve been producing music since 1992 as I’ve detailed on the main page of this site. I spent the first 8 years or so emulating Dr. Dre, Dj. Quick and Dj. Premier among others but then in 2000, I heard & fell in love with Common’s, “Like Water for Chocolate” and things changed. One of the producers responsible for this instant classic was, James D. Yancey, aka J Dilla and his sound inspired me to no end.

Of course I had heard the productions he had crafted for The Pharcyde, A Tribe Called Quest and Janet Jackson before but something about his work with Common struck a nerve with me and sent me down the path of trying to emulate his sound and craft my own Soul beats.

New School & Old at the Same Time.

This brings me to what I want to tell you about the change of gear I have taken musically as of late. The Soul beats I began making back in 2000, as well as other styles of Boom Bap Hip Hop tracks, have always had a lofi quality, as I would ‘muddy’ up or distort the sounds to create –what I would have previously described as— an underground aesthetic. From using a bit crusher plug-in to sampling the ‘hiss’ of a record spinning on a turn table, I’ve always loved trying to age my tracks for sake of authenticity.

I’ve said all this to tell you, I am producing –almost exclusively— Lofi Hip Hop currently. I’ve begun to immerse myself in the Lofi Beats/ Chill Hop community and culture and I love what I have found. From online streaming radio stations, YouTube channels and message boards, I’ve found a vibrant, active audience & community, concerned with finding and sharing dope Lofi Hip Hop regardless of who made it or how. I find this incredibly refreshing and I’ve jumped in wholeheartedly.

Here’s a list of things I’ve been doing since my last post.

  • Began produced, recording and mixing my first Lofi beat tape called, “Moonlighting”
  • Launched a podcast called, Lofi Beats Radio.
  • Became a featured artist on Chill Sky


  • Released my official first Lofi track called, “Coast With Me

Andre Ramone coast with me lofi hip hop

Not bad for a couple of weeks-work, right?

Again, I’ve been making this style of music for years but not in name –I referred to is as Instrumental Hip Hop, which it is. It’s the community surrounding the music I am new to and love what I have found thus far.

I will complete my, “Moolighting” beat tape shortly and release it for sale & streaming, shortly and document the process. Stay tuned as I make a real push to put out quality music and gain traction as a Lofi Hip Hop producer in this, the most exciting movement in Hip Hop right now.


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Marketing My Song, Summer Wave

Andre Ramone Summer Wave

Getting People to Hear Summer Wave:

So, it’s not quite the day after my last post –it’s a few days later but I’ve been busy promoting my single, Summer Wave and I’ve learned a thing or two.

One thing I’ve learned is, as I share my track to social media, the song artwork I created is formatted for song-artwork or an album cover but the dimensions don’t work for social media. For example, on SoundCloud I uploaded the artwork with my song and it looks perfectly fine, like this:

Summer Wave SoundCloud

However, when I share the song from SoundCloud to Facebook, the image that is pulled from SoundCloud for the FB post is the wrong size and cuts off the title of the track contained within the image.

Summer Wave Marketing 1

Because of this, I’ve learned it’s important to have one image file to use as the actual artwork –to include in the metadata of the track– and separate files for the various social media outlets to ensure that when the song is shared, the accompanying image is the correct size –clear and readable.

Another approach I have taken for the promotion of my song is to reach out to taste-makers and music re-posters on SoundCloud and Facebook. I have joined several Facebook groups that are based on the types of genres my track falls in. When you do this, you will see posts within those groups, from people who specialize in listening to other people’s tracks, critiquing them and sharing them.

I reached out to several and received a response from one so far which is as follows:

Summer Wave Feedback

That’s not the most stellar review of my music I’ve ever received but my skin is pretty thick and I’ve heard a lot worse. At the end of the day, I just want the SoundCloud repost so I responded –thanking this individual and kept it moving.

Is the track clipping though (too loud)? You bet it is and I already knew that. It still sounds good to me and as a Hip Hop head at my core –I simply want the beat to knock. If XXXTentacion can get away with his mixes, I think I’ll be just fine:)




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Summer Wave (Single)

Launching My Single, Summer Wave:

Andre Ramone single Summer Wave artwork

I’ve decided to start a blog on my website, and this is the first post.
Moments ago I launched my debut EDM Trap single, #SummerWave via and I figured this would be a good opportunity to detail the process of launching and promoting the song.

I have a strategy planned out that includes the following:

Upload the song to SoundCloud (Free download enabled)

Create and upload a YouTube video featuring the song audio

Share the music via social media

Andre Ramone Summer Wave Marketing

All of those efforts are pretty standard and to be expected. That’s as far as I will get tonight–err this early morning but there are several other steps to take which I will detail tomorrow.

It’s going to take a lot of effort to get the world to ride this Summer Wave.

See ya.


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